Training events and seminars are part of the programs that Pro Train China offers. They do not present or plan all of the events below, but they strongly encourage any business owners and managers to attend these events to strengthen their knowledge and gain some new perspectives. There are several events across the country every year. To attend any of these events, send

Pro Train China and email with the events and dates that you are interested. They can possibly find you discounted rates of you attend 3 or more of these events.

25 April – Business Management Seminar for Business Owners and Managers
This seminar will take place at the conference center in the Blue Lagoon Hotel in California. The day’s activities include lectures by 3 well-established and successful business owners, snacks and lunch, networking opportunities, and Q&A.

15 May – How to get the best out of your employees
This will take place in the Boston Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. This information session is on how to encourage and inspire your employees without making use of threats, screaming, and other aggressive methods.

20 May – Start Your Business Right from the Beginning
This is an information and training opportunity for anyone who wants to start their own business. The speakers will give valuable tips and advice on how to start your business the right way and ensuring minimum losses. This will take place in Miami, Florida at the Bay Beach Hotel.

27 June – Tips, Tricks, and Tools for all Managers
Join this seminar in New York at the Big Apple Hotel. Managers of any kind will benefit from this workshop and seminar. You will walk away with a new perspective on how to manage your time, employees, business, and all other operations.

Please send an email to to book your seat and find out more.