5 Time Management Techniques that All Effective Managers Should Use

Good time management is one of the most important characteristics and skills of a good manager. A good manager should be able to schedule his or her day effectively and have the self-discipline to stick to that schedule. Good time management makes you more efficient and successful. Good time managers get a lot more done than those who don’t manage their time. Good time managers follow the following techniques:

Carry a notebook and record your daily activities for a week. Write down all your appointments, meetings, and other activities for each day. As the day goes by, note all the activities you did and how long it took you. Evaluate these records after a week. This will help you identify which activities are time-wasting as well as areas where you need to cut down on useless activities.

Schedule every day with time blocks. This is especially important if you work for yourself. You should have allocated a time block for each task, meeting, or activity that you need to complete on a given day. You should also schedule time for conversation, meetings with yourself, or even problem-solving sessions. This way you will get things done. It is important to have the self-disciplne necessary to stick to this schedule.

Allow for interruptions in your schedule. It may seem strange, but you need to schedule time for planned interruptions. This is the time where you can be pulled away from work or people can approach you with questions or suggestions.

Plan your day at the beginning of the day. The first 30 minutes of your day should be used to plan the rest of your day. This is the most important part of your time management plan as it will ensure that the rest of the day runs as smoothly as possible.

Schedule time for emails and phone calls. Unless your business requires an immediate human response from you, don’t allow emails and phone calls to distract you. Put aside a set time each day to respond to email and make and answer phone calls.

Get rid of unnecessary distractions like social media and stay focused. Have clear goals of what you want from the day and the outcomes you want from meetings and phone calls. Don’t forget to schedule time for your thoughts and conversations that can make your business even better.

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